Catching A Killer: A Diary From The Grave


This true crime documentary has a plot as far fetched as anything you might see in a TV drama. It tells the story of Aylesbury police’s investigation into Ben Field, a young man who falls under suspicion following the deaths of two elderly people he has befriended.

The main focus of the film is on Field’s first victim Peter Farquhar, an academic who kept meticulously detailed journals which form a central part of the investigation. A story which is as heartbreaking as it is terrifying emerges as the police begin to build a picture of what went on.

Not only is this a great documentary but it shows members of the police force at their absolute best. There is a moment when a significant break in the case is revealed in a meeting and the degree to which the team are invested in bringing Field to justice is plain to see.

Watch on All4 (UK)