Dolly Parton’s America


In a divided nation, one of the few things most Americans still seem to be able to agree on is Dolly Parton – but why? That’s the question posed by this nine part documentary series exploring every corner of the Dollyverse.

Host Jad Abumrad delves deep into Dolly’s professional life and as far as she will allow into the personal causing the listener to rethink what they know about one of America’s great icons. The stories about her early career and the songs she wrote during that time are fascinating.

As well as the conversations with Dolly herself, Jad speaks to others along the way who have worked with Dolly or for whom Dolly has had a profound impact on their lives. I went into this as a big fan and came out with a new found respect for Dolly Parton. This is one of the best podcasts, both in terms of the content and production, that I have ever heard.

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