‘Dear Edward’ by Ann Napolitano


Dear Edward is a dual timeline novel about Edward Adler, the sole survivor of a plane crash which kills 200 people including all of his immediate family. The story covers the hours onboard the flight leading up to the crash and the years that follow as Edward, now living with his aunt and uncle, attempts to make sense of his life.

This isn’t some sort of nail-bitting thriller about a plane crash or even really how Edward is the miracle survivor. Instead, it is a story about people, all types of people and all kinds of emotions. It is about feeling as though you have lost everything and slowing becoming aware that maybe you haven’t or that new things have emerged to replace the old.

I think this book will become something of a sensation in 2020. I found it profoundly moving in a way which I’m really struggling to fully articulate. I constantly think about it since reading, pondering some of the what-ifs but also generally just marvelling at how wonderful it is to be human. Highly recommended.

eBook | Audiobook | Hardback (out Feb 20)